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It's provenance page of the Resurrected Zombies!

Here you can find information about the origin of each REZ. The Fair Selling Principle used by Bored Ape. Each REZ image is first hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm. The combined string is obtained by concatenating the SHA-256 of each REZ image in a specific order as shown below. The final proof is obtained by hashing this combined SHA-256 string. This is the last lineage record stored in the smart contract.


Each REZ token ID is assigned to an art image from the initial sequence using the following formula:

(tokenId + startingIndex) % 10000 → Initial Index

Relevant information:

Start index
Contract address
Provenance hash
Arweave permaweb URIs


To see the concatenate string SHA256 of images and table with hashes and indexes.
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